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About me

Well, not really "about me." More like, "artifacts that make me seem smart and are easy to link to." You can reach me at tal at talraviv org.

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To kick this off, I faked my engagement

Why am I making things and emailing them to people?

My impostor syndrome caught on camera

I'm convinced ad-driven companies are today's big tobacco

I'm a grouch about A/B testing and well-formed hypotheses

I work on making Patreon the Shopify of membership

I believe in psychological safety, emotional intelligence, and candor

I'm fascinated by high-performance teams and moving fast as hell

I'm a nerd for onboarding and viral emails

I'm into making for makers

A long time ago I ran a virtuous phishing scam

For a hot second I made a living as a content creator

Once I took a 400 kilometer walk in the desert

Instead of negotiating, I dance

I started as a shitty engineer (and co-founder) of this business

Get notified the next time I make something